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Allpress Biscotto Christmas Bundle

A delicious gift bundle for the sweet tooth in your life. 

250g of our festive Christmas blend paired with a mixed 12 pack of Biscotto biscuits, including limited edition Christmas Flavour. 

Chocolat A crunchy, firm textured biscuit using the finest quality cocoa and cacao nibs creating an intense chocolate flavour. Coated with a rich chocolate glaze.

Pepita A crisp, crunchy biscuit filled with raspberry jam and coated in hazelnut meal. Background flavours of lemon and vanilla.

Sicilian Pistachio A sweet, crisp, soft pistachio biscuit with lemon citrus highlights and a subtle note of almond



Chocolat: Butter [cream, salt], Icing Sugar
[sugar, maize starch], Wheat Flour, Corn Flour, Vanilla Essence, Cocoa Powder (7%), Confectionery, Cocoa Nibs (3%), Dark Chocolate (1.5%), Glucose. Contains: Milk, Gluten containing cereals, Soy May Contain: Tree Nuts, Egg, Sesame, Peanuts

Pepita: Wheat Flour, Butter [cream, salt], Sugar, Raspberry Preserve [Raspberries 48%, sugar, gelling agent (fruit pectin), acidity regulator (citric acid)], Egg Yolk, Hazelnuts (2.5%), Vanilla Essence, Lemon Zest, Almond Essence, Salt. Contains: Milk, Egg, Gluten-containing cereals, Tree Nuts. May Contain: Sesame, Peanuts

Sicilian Pistachio: Pistachios, Almonds, Sugar, Honey, Vanilla Essence, Egg White, Lemon Zest Icing Sugar. Contains: Tree Nuts, Egg. May Contain: Milk, Sesame, Peanut, Gluten-containing cereal.


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