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Allpress Coffee Shots - 375ml Bottle

Designed to make cold coffee convenient and consistently delicious; the hot-brewed and snap-chilled brewing process captures all of the complexity and richness of our signature espresso. Serve on ice with water or milk of your choice.

Each 375 ml bottle contains 15 serves, with a 12-month shelf life on every bottle. One shot has a similar amount of caffeine as a mug of filter coffee.


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Roaster's Notes

We’ve reformulated Coffee Shots to deliver the iconic Allpress experience.

Blended to perfection and roasted to our signature profile; the sweet, balanced and complex flavour is the same specialty coffee found in our cafes. Expect smooth milk chocolate, sweet caramel body and a long, clean finish.

A 25ml shot contains 128mg of caffeine, which is about the same as a mug of filter coffee.

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Allpress Espresso Coffee Shots

Whether it’s an iced latte, an espresso martini or a coffee-drenched tiramisu – Allpress Coffee Shots has you covered.