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Brazil Santa Alina - Office

A medium roast of hazelnut and caramel milk chocolate with mellow acidity.

We're not meant to play favourites, but this Brazil Santa Alina will always hold a special place in our team's heart.

We've been working with this farm for 12-years (it has been a family-run operation for over 100-years!) and is currently owned by Tuca Dias, an amazing woman and exceptional coffee producer.

Community-focused, she puts employees and their well-being first. Their delicious coffee is roasting for a limited-time, and always sells fast so don't miss out.


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Roaster's Notes

Tuca has a passion for humanitarianism, community and its social development, which is reflected in the way she manages Santa Alina. With 895 hectares, there is a lot of trees to tend to and close to 70x families living on-site. There is a school, church, recreation centre and many social clubs. She believes in the quality of life so she provides weekly personal training, teaches yoga, a junior soccer coach and qualification courses among other things.

Tuca invests in personal development to maintain happy staff, which translates to exceptional coffee.

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