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Colombia Pescador Washed - Office

A crisp, clean coffee with notes of apple, sugarcane, sweet citrus and caramel.

This Colombian is part of our Two of a Kind drop. We've fired up the roaster and put through two delicious Colombian coffees to showcase the distinct difference between natural and washed processing methods.

Each coffee is delicious alone, but they’re best side-by-side to truly taste the radically different flavours - which is where this Two of a Kind 500g Bundle comes into play.


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Roaster's Notes

Our Colombia Pescador is a washed coffee, meaning the raw beans are dried without the cherry. 

After hand sorting, the coffee has it’s outer skin and most of the fruit flesh stripped off by a machine called a de-pulper. The green coffee is then washed in a clean tank or trough of water where the remainder of the flesh is removed before being spread out on raised beds or drying patios. 

Once the coffee has reached a safe moisture content (11-12%) it is then mechanically hulled to remove the protective layer of parchment.

This process results in a clean, cup with flavours of sugarcane, citrus and caramel.

Bean Origins

Colombia Pescador Washed

Coffee bean plant