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Guatemala Finca Joya Grande - Office

A washed coffee with layered complexity, expect an aromatic brew with delicious notes of red apple, caramel and toffee.

Shade grown amongst a protected reforestation project, this lot from the renowned Santa Rosa region ripens slowly at 1,350+ masl, with nutrient-rich volcanic soils imparting layers of flavour on the coffee. 

Well-balanced with sweet acidity, it’s the perfect everyday brew. 

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Roaster's Notes

Washed coffee from one of the world’s finest coffee-producing regions, this lot from Finca Joya Grande is a showcase of some of the best Guatemalan coffee available. 

Grown in a unique microclimate amongst a protected reforestation zone, this coffee ripens slowly and develops remarkable flavour to become the perfect everyday coffee.  

Bean Origins

Guatemala Finca Joya Grande

Coffee bean plant