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Guatemala Santa Isabel

A medium roast with notes of red apple and sugarcane with a full body.

Santa Isabel is located in San Cristobal, Alta Verapaz - a region in Guatemala with remarkable mountains, rain forest and impressive flora. A family-owned business who in 1875 was granted the land by the Guatemala President at the time to begin a coffee plantation. 

Now, 4th and 5th generations of the family work at the plantation, receiving 8th place in the 2011 Cup of Excellence and 3rd place in 2013.

This coffee is part of our Galaxy Range - an endless discovery of what coffee can be. We present bold and unique flavours from season to season, origin to origin. This is our space to play and your chance to explore, but get in quick as they're limited edition roasts.


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Roaster's Notes

Environmental responsibility is important for the family, who have reserved 100 hectares of farmland as a reforestation project. The remaining 187 hectares of their site are designated for their coffee production. Coffee pulp and organic waste are used as organic fertiliser, cherries are handpicked and processed in an ecological wet mill to reduce water consumption, and their coffee is dried by a combination of sun and mechanical dryer. 

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