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Papua New Guinea Kongo - Office

Chocolate, red apple, blackcurrant 

A locally owned coffee company, Kongo works to showcase the specialty coffee expertise of PNG’s producers. From the Central Highlands Simbu province, Kongo operate the largest and most sophisticated coffee mill in the country, producing outstanding quality coffee. 

With so much of PNG’s specialty coffee grown by smallholder farmers in gardens inaccessible by road, Kongo works to elevate the exceptional coffee these farmers produce.

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Roaster's Notes

A unique profile with strong and definitive characteristics, Kongo is a community-based team dedicated to improving the quality of PNG specialty coffee. Incentivising sustainable coffee production, the team encourage quality over volume resulting in some of the finest quality-specialty coffee coming out of PNG. 

Bean Origins

Papua New Guinea 

Simbu, Central Highlands


Coffee bean plant
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The perfect everyday filter brew with delicious notes of chocolate, red apple, blackcurrant