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Rwanda Victoria Mukamurenzi

Strawberry, Apple, Cherry

Beautifully juicy and intensely sweet, profits of this incredible coffee go to the Supporting Strong Women campaign, raising money to build a childcare centre for the women of Rambagirakawa in Northern Province, Rwanda.

Learn more about Supporting Strong Women with Rambagirakawa.


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Roaster's Notes

Grown on Victoria’s farm, Kinyonzo-Jango, this red bourbon lot is the product of only 216 coffee trees. Pulped, fermented and washed at Dukunde Kawa's Ruli station, it combines juicy acidity with intense sweetness for a delicious cup. 

Bean Origins

Rwanda Gakenke District

Coffee bean plant
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All profits of this beautifully juicy and intensely sweet coffee go to RAMBAGIRAKAWA, a women’s alliance for which Victoria serves as vice president, to help build a daycare centre for their community.


– Coffee that does good