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Two of a Kind 500g Bundle

We've fired up the roaster and put through two delicious Colombian coffees to showcase the distinct difference between natural and washed processing methods.

The Colombia Pescador Washed is crisp, bright and clean with notes of apple, sweet citrus and caramel. The Colombia Villarazo Natural is funky, fruity and a little sweet, with notes of tropical fruit, stone fruit with juicy acidity.

Each coffee is delicious alone, but they’re best side-by-side to truly taste the difference - which is where this Two of a Kind 500g Bundle comes into play. 


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Roaster's Notes

What’s the difference?

The difference is found in the processing method and flavour. 

Colombian Pescador Washed = Apple, sugarcane, sweet citrus and caramel. 

Colombian Villarazo Natural = Tropical fruits and stone fruits with juicy acidity.

What is natural processing?

Natural processed coffees are dried in the full cherry prior to de-pulping. 

Coffee is handpicked in order to use only the ripest cherries and after fermentation the coffee cherry is kept whole and laid out on raised beds for drying until the desired moisture content is reached (11-12%).

Regular turning of the coffee is required for mold prevention and to ensure even drying. Once the coffee is properly dried the outer husk of the skin and dried fruit are removed mechanically and the raw coffee is stored ready for shipment.

What is washed processing?

Washed processed coffees are dried without the cherry. 

Like the natural, this coffee is hand sorted to remove any unripe or defected coffee cherries. The coffee cherry then has it’s outer skin and most of the fruit flesh stripped off by a machine called a de-pulper.

The green coffee is then washed in a clean tank or trough of water where the remainder of the flesh is removed before being spread out on raised beds or drying patios. Once the coffee has reached a safe moisture content (11-12%) it is then mechanically hulled to remove the protective layer of parchment.

Bean Origins

Each bundle has 250g Colombia Pescador Washed and 250g Colombia Villarazo Natural

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