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Iced Coffee - 6 Pack Bundle

Black, Latte and Mocha bundled together — the full range of our iced specialty coffee, ready whenever you might need them. 

Taking a specialty grade Brazil from Minas Gerais, we’ve brewed three coffees to replicate a true café experience. Two of each flavour bundled up to produce the iconic flavour of your favourite café — one for now, one for later. 

Full Flavour | Specialty Coffee | Low Sugar


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Roaster's Notes

The Brazil Minas Gerais used in our Iced coffee range is sourced from two different estates in Brazil. The flavour profile of both coffees is very similar giving us the ability to alternate between the two based on supply and scheduling. 

The coffee profile suits Allpress very well in terms of what we typically look for in our Brazilian coffee: great balance, sweet coffee with caramel/brown sugar tones, chocolate, citric acidity, yellow fruits, clean long aftertaste.

Bean Origins

Brazil Minas Gerais

Coffee bean plant
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Black, Latte and Mocha — the Complete Allpress Iced Specialty Coffee Range Bundle