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AeroPress Coffee Brewing Kit
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AeroPress Coffee Brewing Kit

The Aeropress has quickly become a must-have for coffee enthusiasts and novices alike. It's the perfect travel companion - light weight, simple to use and easy to clean - but it's just as useful at home on the kitchen bench for your everyday brewing. The AeroPress brewing method uses gentle air pressure during extraction which creates a smooth, rich flavour with lower acidity than traditional filter brew methods.

It's rise to fame sees a World Aeropress Championship now held every year, designed to find the world's best cup of Aeropress Coffee. There are plenty of recipes from these competitions to get you started, or follow our brewing guide and adapt to suit your taste. 

Each Aeropress kit contains an AeroPress, stirrer, scoop, funnel & micro-filters and comes complete with full instructions for use.

We also stock replacement filter papers for your Aeropress brewer.


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